How to index my own web page automatically from my website?

  1. Add this html code inside the <body> of the page you want to index, specifing the urls that are against, in the "data-against" attribute:

    <a id="badge-conpinion" data-against="http://website.com/opinion-against/, http://website.com/opinion-against-2/, http://website.com/opinion-against-3/" href="http://www.conpinion.com/referrer-link" target='_blank'><img src="http://www.conpinion.com/referrer"></a>

    It lets us know you want to index the page and shows the Conpinion Badge so your readers can upvote your opinion and follow your debate:

How to index any web page using the form?

  1. Specify your url in the "Main page" field.

  2. Specify all the urls against yours in "Pages that go against the Main page" field, separating them with a comma.

What kind of web pages should I index to get my submission approved?