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CNN Facts First

Facts are facts. They aren’t colored by emotion or bias. They are indisputable. There is no alternative to a fact. Facts explain things. What they are, how t...

The 10 Most-Respected Global Warming Skeptics

Know your enemy. START >

Ben Shapiro Destroys the Concept of White Privilege

taken from his speech at the University of Missouri

Google employee's sexist manifesto sparks outrage

A leaked internal memo from a male engineer at Google argues that the gender wage gap is a myth and biological differences may prevent women from succeeding in the tech industry.

Male and female brains are the same, but people are all different – and that gives me hope | Deborah Orr

A new study has given credence to the idea that gender is more cultural than biological. It won’t stop the human urge to seek out like minds and avoid unlike ones – but it can remind us that our strength is in our infinite diversity

ABORTION IS MURDER - Your Argument Is Wrong

So I've finally decided to do the first episode of my "bad argument" series, and boy did I pick a hell of a topic to start with. I got sick of listening to t...

4 Reasons the Wage Gap Isn't a Myth

The gender wage gap has been justified for a multitude of reasons. Let's find out why those reasons are inaccurate. Help support this channel on Patreon! htt...

BEST 9/11 Documentary: If You Seek TRUTH, WATCH THIS

My wish is that each and every one of you take the time to watch this video from start to finish. If you disagree with an assumed instinctive motive of the v...

The state of gun violence in the US, explained in 18 charts

Here are some facts you need to know while debating gun control. Subscribe to our channel! The debate over gun regulation in the US seem...